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Veldskoen Nguni Hair-on

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  • One-of-a-kind, handcrafted shoes made from unique Nguni hides.
  • Unisex: UK size 3-13
  • An unpretentious, stylish, multi-purpose, superbly comfortable, yet elegant enough for a casual wear shoe, built on a durable, non-marking crepe sole.
  • They were originally made in the 17th century by the first Dutch settlers in South Africa.
  • The design is believed to be based on the traditional Khoisan footwear observed by the settlers. Later the veldskoene were exported to Egypt from South Africa and developed into military-style desert boots on the souks of North Africa and supplied to the British Army during the World War II Desert War. Veldskoene were also used by the Rhodesian Army, during the Rhodesian Bush War, as a tough light-weight boot.
  • Lightweight and extremely tough, the vellie could withstand the harsh African conditions and terrain. The vellie has become part of South African, Zimbabwean (previously Rhodesian) and Namibian society and culture, worn by all classes and professions.
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