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Washing instructions for our range of Cotton Garments:

  • We recommend putting the cotton knitwear inside a laundry bag (or pillowcase), wash in washing machine (not by hand) at 30 degrees or less.
  • Normal washing detergents and softeners are fine to use.
  • Do not use bleach or detergents with bleaching qualities.
  • Drying could be done in the tumble dryer (still inside laundry bag) at the lowest heat setting, alternatively hang over towel rail to dry.
  • Never dry in full summer sun (The cotton prefers the shade).
  • When drying the cotton on outside washing line – turn the garment inside-out.
  • The cotton used, have been heat-treated and is extremely durable, but to ensure its longevity we will always recommend treating the cotton as cold and carefully as possible.