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peace-of-Afrika-black supplies quality and individually crafted knitwear produced from South African grown and spun cotton. Our knitwear products are durable and comfortable to wear during the cold winter months and breezy summer nights, and even over your bikini at the beach. Every garment is pre-treated, making it suitable for the washing machine and tumble dryer.

Clients can rest assured that each of the garments was made with undivided attention and care, therefore ensuring a lasting item.

Washing instructions

Some of our most popular cotton knits include:

Our cardigans include a range of items that can be worn over any outfit to add a bit of African style. Whether you prefer a long or short cardigan, you are bound to find an item you will love in our collection.
Jumpers are ideal for everyday wear, and our beautiful collection will leave you feeling cosy and looking great! Our jumpers are available in assorted styles, including loose and more fitted garments.
Knitted Accessories
Our knitted accessories can be added to any outfit for a distinctive look. We offer a summer and winter shawl available to cover you during any season.
To complement your new, comfy cotton knits, why not browse through our other product categories to find unique products that will complement your new, African-inspired look?

More about our selection of leather bags & satchels

Seeking a unique leather bag, or satchel bag, that will fit your style? The range of signature leather bags and satchels at peace-of-Afrika-black have a popular following, both locally and internationally.

With adjustable shoulder straps, these products are both stylish and practical. Each of our bags are manufactured from 100% genuine leather, so clients can expect a long-term investment when purchasing from us. Our classic styles and designs have been carefully crafted to offer you a unique and proudly South African product.

We also have a special range of exceptional bags and satchels available, made from local Nguni and Kudu hides. Our bags and satchels are also available in assorted colours to meet our clients’ different style requirements. Colour options include black, different hues of brown, and even red (for the more daring individual).

To browse through our selection of unique, high quality cotton knits and leather bags, simply visit our online shop.