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The Freestyle range of footwear offered by Mint-logo-black is proudly made in Cape Town and is renowned for its comfort and durability. The products are all handcrafted, using only sustainably sourced, tough and durable leathers including Bovine, Kudu, Nguni with hair-on, Buffalo and Springbok. By supporting local manufacturers, we also contribute to the advancement of skills in the local craft industry.

Our love for natural products is reflected in the range of footwear that we supply. Our footwear products are all handcrafted and made according to the stitch-down and stuck-on method.

The Nguni hides are a particular favourite, from which remarkable, one-of-a-kind shoes and boots are created. The Nguni Cattle is indigenous to South Africa, where it has been herded by the Zulu people for thousands of years. The Nguni hide is especially adored for its unique combination of natural patterns and colours varying between black, brown and white.

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Our footwear range includes traditional “vellies,” in a range of daring colours, from purple to blue, and various boots (including lace-up boots, combat boots, or wool-lined boots), which are all produced from local leather, making all our footwear uniquely South African.

Beautifully crafted leather boots available online

To make our unique products available to a wider market, we have a simple-to-use online shop where clients can easily browse through our wide selection of leather boots, including winter boots, combat boots and more – we offer such a diverse collection that everyone is sure to find a style that matches theirs.

Apart from the popular collection of leather boots South Africa seems to love, we also offer an extensive range of “vellies” in assorted colours and designs. Our shoes are suited for men, women, and children.

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More about using Nguni & Kudu hide for manufacturing quality boots:

Nguni Cattle are not only some of the most beautiful cattle species in South Africa, their hides are also a popular choice for the manufacture of wallets, belts, footwear, and a range of other leather products. This is not only due to its unique aesthetic appeal, but also its strength and durability. The colour of Nguni hides can differ from whites and brown, to more gold yellow or black. Furthermore, the patterning can also differ – some hides are more spotted than others and this results in different looking products every time. To include these unique colours and patterns in our range of shoes and boots, we offer a selection of beautiful winter boots and vellies with the Nguni hair on.

For more on Nguni and the products we offer, feel free to visit our Nguni Products page.

Kudu leather is another favourite for the manufacture of various everyday items such as wallets, furniture, belts and footwear. This is a popular leather to use for use as it is reversible – the outside offers a sleek leather, while the inside offers a unique, soft suede. Kudu leather is durable and due to the Kudu grazing amongst thorn trees, the leather may feature a few scratches which is great for adding character to the end products. At Peace of Afrika, we offer Kudu leather boots and shoes – both suede and traditional leather – of a wide variety. We also dye the leather to provide clients with a wide selection of colours, from blue or cerise, to yellow.

For more on Kudu leather and the range of footwear options we offer, please see our Kudu page.

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