Winter boots

Stylish winter boots fit for any occasion

Winter boots, also known as Ugg Boots, Eskimo Boots, Polar Boots, and more, need to be both stylish and warm to get you through those chilly winter months. Mint, trading as Peace of Afrika, offers an extensive selection of handcrafted winter boots or ugg boots that have been designed to enhance your personal style, whilst keeping your feet snug and toastie – no matter the weather.

Our Freestyle range of winter boots include something for every taste and clients have the option to choose from our selection of Eskimo boots, Army boots, Polar boots, Annabelle boots, Cowboy boots, and more by visiting our online shop. Some of our boot designs are available in traditional leather options (in assorted colours), or for the more daring client, we also have boots that are made with Nguni or Springbok hide with the hair still on.

Our boots are manufactured locally from proudly South African materials, so while supporting our business, you are also supporting local crafters and communities.

winter boots

Require help picking the right winter boots for your lifestyle?

Choosing the right winter boots (or Ugg Boots) for your lifestyle is important and seeing that genuine leather boots are a long-term investment, you need to make 100% sure that you are making the right decision.

Leather boots may seem more costly than synthetic winter boots, but clients can rest assured that they will last very long (especially when taken care of properly). Leather is tough and durable, and clients can wear it in any terrain and weather condition. Suede on the other hand is a bit trickier – when choosing suede, try to keep your boots from getting wet or very dirty, as they are tougher to clean.

Once you have made your decision regarding the material, consider the style you want. Think about the clothes you have in your wardrobe and choose a pair of boots that will best suit your style. Considering the places that you want to wear your boots to can also play a role, for example if you want to wear your boots to work it might need to be a bit more formal.

Lastly, consider the length of your boots. We offer a range of boot styles, from ankle to knee length.

If you are ready to invest in one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted winter boots, visit our online shop to find a unique pair that meets your requirements.


More detail on some of our winter boot styles:

Eskimo Boots
Our Eskimo boots are the ideal boots for Winter. The boot is fully wool-lined and will therefore keep your feet snug and warm. It offers a casual style and comfortable fit that wearers will become addicted to! These boots are available in different colours and we also have Nguni Hair-on options.
Army Boots
The Army boots we offer are stylish, yet classic and therefore suitable for all seasons. The boot is hand-crafted and offers a comfortable fit with lateral support. For easy wearing, it is fitted with a side-fastening zip. Clients can choose between different colours and we also offer Nguni Hair-on options.
Corina Boots
The Corina boots are stylish and comfortable and since it is a longer boot, it is perfect for those extra chilly days. All boots are hand-crafted, and clients can expect a slim yet comfortable fit and a full zipper on the side for easy wearing.
Annabelle Boots
The Annabelle boots are our ankle-length boots, or as we like to call them, our “free to roam” boots. They are wool-lined for extra warmth and offers adjustable straps for a slim, feminine fit. These boots are handcrafted, and clients can expect strength and good lateral support.
Polar Boots
Our Polar boots are unisex and are perfect for those cold, winter outings. The boots are wool lined, and the genuine leather upper is double-stitched to a sturdy sole for durability. These boots are handcrafted and wearers can expect a truly comfortable fit.
Claire Boots
With their uncomplicated yet stylish design, our Claire boots are a favourite amongst our clients. They offer good lateral support and can be worn for a range of occasions, both day and night. It is fitted with a full zipper for convenience.

How to care for your boots

Getting the very best out of your footwear extends to proper care and storage of your favourite winter shoes! Consider the following tips in caring for boots of all kinds.
  • Canvas Boots: Use an old toothbrush and scrub away any patches of dirt. Clean the entire surface of the boot with a warm soapy solution and the toothbrush. Air dry them and avoid throwing them into a tumble drier to dry.
  • Leather Boots: Remove dirt or debris with an old toothbrush. Apply leather polish and rub into the material in soft circular motions. Air dry leather boots away from direct sunlight or heat.
  • Nubuck Boots: Brush dirt and debris away with an old toothbrush or nubuck brush. Remove scuff marks with a gum eraser or apply a nubuck cleaner and clean with the accompanying cloth. Dab wet areas with a clean and dry towel and allow to airdry. Look for a nubuck water and stain repellent to get the best out of your boots.
  • Suede Boots: Remove dirt or debris with a suede brush and remove scuff marks with a gum eraser. Dampen the suede brush and apply suede cleaner. Dab with a clean dry towel after and air dry. As with nubuck, look for a water and stain repellent to protect your boots for longer.
Always protect your shoes by not cleaning them with abrasive chemicals. Clean your boots immediately if they are soiled and invest in leather, suede, nubuck or canvas cleaning solutions. Follow cleaning directions on these cleaners for best results.

If you are ready to invest in one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted winter boots, visit our online shop to find a unique pair that meets your requirements.